Everyone has heard the saying “Penny Smart, Pound Foolish”, never is this more true than in accounting services. Seven questions business owners need to ask:

1. Is this the optimal use of my time? How many times the bookkeeping rate is my billing rate?
2. Do I have the time and expertise to avoid costly mistakes?
3. Can I complete the books on a timely basis so information is not missed?
4. When there are no beginners mistakes, especially with payroll, am I willing to absorb penalties and interest to learn?
5. Are my books sufficient for CRA and would they withstand an audit?
6. Am I getting insights and expertise I could get with a professional?
7. Is this bookkeeper the right price or the right person? Hiring mistakes are costly.

James Abbott CPA, CMA and his team have the experience to help your business find the profitable path to growth. Give us a call at 905 430 8000 to see how we can help your business.

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