Accounting Services for Sole Proprietors

It might be only you or you and your team, but being a Sole Proprietor is a tough business. Let us help you to simplify your accounting and taxes. We take the time to listen to your goals to get you the result you want. The perfect result depends on your needs – we need to know whether you’re interested in maximizing income to sell your business, get mortgage approval or to buy a large machine. You might be interested in minimizing taxes through income splitting, depreciation and tax planning.

Meet Joe. He runs a successful cabinet installation business in the GTA.   Joe wants to know on a quarterly basis what he owes for HST and what he should set aside for the end of the year. Joe drops off his records quarterly and we file his HST on his behalf. We send Joe regular reminders to make sure he’s always on time.   Joe is able to call us throughout the year if he has questions about expenses or tax; Joe had a question about HST on an insurance claim and was able to quickly get an answer.

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