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Every year CRA and the Ministry of Finance make multiple changes to the Income Tax Act and to the Interpretations and Administrative Procedures of the Income Tax Act.  As Chartered Professional Accountants and business advisors we are required to complete hours and hours of professional development to stay up on top of changes and to service our clients better.

Every year we update these checklists and templates to guide the  preparation of your records for taxes.    The worksheets available below are intended only to guide you and do not replace consultations with your accountant.

Use our handy Document Organizer to make sure nothing gets missed!

Get organized with our Excel template to complete your 2019 income taxes on time.  Includes a guide to help you choose the right category.  Save on your accounting bill and ensure nothing gets missed this year.

Our great Small Business Excel template especially designed for Realtors.     Get organized, save accounting fees and make sure you maximize your deductions for the 2019 tax year.

Our handy Tax Calendar to keep you on track.

10 secrets we wish every client knew but many don`t.

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