Financial Statements and Tax Returns for Incorporations

Professional Financial Statement preparation for your incorporated business.   Your financial statements are the calling card for the financial wellbeing of your business. We can present your financial information in the best light for your business. Well prepared statements shed insight and understanding to your business.

Many businesses choose to incorporate to legally separate their personal assets from the business as well as to minimize taxes. Let us show you how you can safely minimize taxes to reinvest your profits into growing your business. In many cases, corporate taxes are 30% below the top personal rate.

Meet Stephen. Stephen owns a B .M. and E. Inc, a leader in ceramic nanotechnology. Stephen sees us annually to prepare his bookkeeping and corporate taxes.   We meet with Stephen to discuss income planning for him and his corporation. We also prepare his Strategic Research and Experimental Development return; BMEI can get up to 40% of qualifying expenditures in refundable tax credits. Think about what your company can do if you with an extra 40%. The SRED program is a tax refund program, you don’t need to be in a taxes payable situation to get the credits.

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