Personal Income Taxes

Personal Income Taxes – why a CPA is the best choice

We’re professional, we’re experienced and up to date and we’re ready for your personal income taxes.

Filing Personal Income Taxes in Whitby OntarioWe’ve got over 20 years of experience to help you file correctly and remain on the right side of CRA.  Every year we retrain on what’s new in tax legislation, what interpretations and tax legislation changes have occurred and what’s coming down the pipe and how it affects your personal income taxes.  We’re thinking multiple years ahead in counselling our clients on tax planning.

You’re not looking for the lowest cost or the quickest – you’re looking for quality advice and service.  We specialize in getting to know our clients, their personal income taxes history, and their objectives.  We provide specific solutions and strategies to help you save money.    We don’t believe that someone with a six week night school course who only works during tax season can provide competent and reliable service to their clients in a ten minute appointment.  We’re available full-time year round and we have years and years of experience.

We invest heavily in the best tax software we can buy.  Our practitioner-only based tax software costs over 30 times more than the personal version.  We feel that this investment pays our clients back 100 fold in savings opportunities and reduced errors.

We are digital – not only are we registered e-filers we are also online with CRA’s Represent a Client.  That means no more mailing or faxing documents; we can submit any receipts through an electronic window directly to your file.  No more getting time stamps or waiting two weeks for CRA to confirm delivery of traditional mail.

We take the time to explain your tax rights and opportunities.  We can simply explain how a few simple changes can sometimes save thousands of dollars.    We recently advised clients to change their RRSP contributions resulting in 10% more refund on every dollar.    Clients that were taking care of elderly parents were able to claim two tax credits they were unaware of.  The list of deductions and credits is long; knowing what’s available and when to use them is key.

The CRA and your personal income taxes

The Canada Revenue Agency is not in the business of administering the Income Tax Act, CRA is in the business of harvesting low hanging fruit in the tax system.   That means they’re going to go after the people who can afford it and the people who have deduction.   You best defence is to have a professionally prepared personal income tax return that says to CRA – we’re professional, we’re compliant and we can back up what we say.

Fun fact on personal income taxes:

Did you know that Personal Income Taxes were only meant to be a temporary measure introduced in 1917 to support Canada’s efforts in the First World War?   Temporary eh?  Almost 100 years later, we’re still waiting.

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