Personal Tax Returns

Personal Returns done accurately and quickly while maximizing your refund. The list of benefits is long and qualifying can be tricky.   Most people don’t get the full benefit from all allowed deductions.

Give us a call to see how we can help.  Call us direct – 905 831 6383. Our team can find all of the tax benefits, credits and deductions for you. Some of the more regular tax credits include:


      1. T2200 Deduction for Business Use of Home
      2. Automobile used in Business
      3. HST Tax Credit
      4. Child Tax Benefit
      5. Universal Child Care Benefit
      6. Spousal and Children’s Tax Credits
      7. Tuition Credits transferred from your children
      8. Working Income Tax Benefit
      9. Union Dues
      10. RRSP and RPP Deductions
      11. Children’s Fitness Tax Credit
      12. Arts Tax Credits
      13. Ontario Trillium Benefit
      14. Disability Tax Credit
      15. Adoption Tax Credit
      16. Caregiver Tax Credit
      17. Alimony Deduction
      18. Moving Deductions
      19. Professional Fees
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