The Cloud What is it?

The Cloud for Small Business: In an age filled with computers, smart phones and tablets, businesses are starting to look for more services they can access online – the cloud. The cloud is usually used in reference to the term cloud computing. Cloud computing allows users to perform their computer related tasks from anywhere they want through the use of the internet.

Cloud computing has become a big buzz word recently, but you are probably already use services that are considered part of the cloud. If you have an email account, you are accessing it through the cloud. If you are checking your Facebook or other social networking sites, you are using the cloud. If you are paying your bills online or managing your finances with your bank online, you are using the cloud.

The cloud for small business is becoming easier and easier to use, especially with the growing access to mobile internet and Wi-Fi through the use of cell phones and tablets, which allow users to access their services from anywhere in the world.

The Cloud for Small Business -What Does it Mean?

Cloud computing is not just for big businesses, the cloud for small business is upon us. From the examples above you may have found that your business is already taking advantage of the cloud. There are many potential benefits to take advantage of when it comes to the cloud.

Cloud services often provide software as a monthly access fee rather than a large upfront cost. Many also provide upgrades to the newest versions as they become available, rather than having to purchase the latest copy each year. Prices and benefits of cloud options can vary by company, so it is important to do your research when choosing services to help you run your business. We recommend and use Quickbooks Online, Dropbox and Receipt Bank as main components of the cloud for small business for our clients.

Cloud computing also provides great new opportunities when it comes to storage and back ups. Many cloud services come with online storage options. This means that your files or information can be accessed from any device wherever you are. If your device runs into issues, you do not need to worry about losing important information, it can be backed up and recovered from the cloud to any of your devices.

It is important to understand that there are down sides to cloud computing. Internet access is key, so if you run into issues accessing the internet, depending on the service, you may lose access until the issue is resolved. There is also a security risk related to storing your data online, so it is important to use services with high standards you can place your trust in.

Cloud computing is a great opportunity for businesses to grow and sustain themselves effectively that should be taken advantage of. The key to successfully using cloud services to benefit your business is being informed. Do your research and you are well on your way to cloud success.

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